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Revolutionize Your Grid Design Workflow with GridBuilder X for Elementor

Unlock your creative potential with GridBuilder X’s advanced features, front-end filtering, and time-saving tools. Design stunning, responsive, and filterable grid layouts effortlessly for your Elementor-powered website.

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Effortless Content Querying

Effortlessly search and display WordPress content from multiple post types, taxonomy terms, or users directly within the Elementor editor, providing a seamless and intuitive design experience.

Seamless Elementor Integration

GridBuilder X is built with Elementor users in mind. Its seamless compatibility with Elementor ensures an effortless design process, allowing you to easily drag and drop grid elements, customize styles, and preview your changes in real-time.

Advanced Grid Customization

GridBuilder X offers you complete control over your grid layouts, allowing you to fine-tune every detail – from colors, fonts, and margins to grid item spacing, hover effects, and animation styles. Unleash your creativity and build stunning grid layouts that stand out from the competition.

Intuitive Front-End Filtering

With GridBuilder X’s seamless front-end filtering capabilities, your website visitors can easily find the content they’re looking for. Offer a smoother browsing experience by enabling users to sort, filter, and search your grid items through categories, tags, or custom taxonomies – all without a single page reload.


Fields are the essential components of your grid, including elements like titles, excerpts, columns, and more. GridBuilder X empowers you to fully customize your grid design with unparalleled flexibility. Simply decide which fields to incorporate in your layout, arrange them to suit your preferences, and style each field individually with real-time live previews. This level of control ensures that your grid layout is tailored to your unique vision, providing a truly personalized design experience.


Effortlessly create intricate, multi-column grid items for a truly dynamic and visually engaging layout experience.

Text Field

Utilize the text field to display various text content, such as titles, excerpts, or Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), ensuring your grid layout effectively showcases the most important information to your audience.

Image Field

The image field to incorporate stunning visuals, featured images, or custom graphics into your grid layout, adding depth and visual appeal to captivate your website visitors.

Button Field

Button field to integrate interactive and stylish call-to-action buttons into your grid layout, encouraging user engagement and driving desired actions on your Elementor-powered website.

Meta Fields

Take advantage of the meta field to display crucial metadata such as taxonomy terms, author information, and dates within your grid layout, providing your visitors with essential context and enriching their browsing experience.


Enhance your grid design with Ultis – versatile elements including dividers, icons, shortcodes, and custom HTML – to add a touch of sophistication and functionality, ensuring your grid layout is both visually appealing and tailored to your specific needs.

Star Rating

The rating field to showcase user-generated ratings, product scores, or review stars within your grid layout, providing valuable insights and fostering trust among your website visitors.


Experience seamless navigation with GridBuilder X’s advanced pagination feature. Effortlessly manage and organize your grid content, allowing users to navigate through your layout with ease. Customize the appearance and style of your pagination to match your website’s design, all while enjoying real-time live previews. This intuitive pagination solution not only enhances user experience but also ensures a polished and cohesive look for your grid layout.

Load More

Integrate the user-friendly “Load More” button, enabling visitors to conveniently reveal additional grid content on demand. This sleek feature offers a streamlined browsing experience, keeping your audience engaged without overwhelming them.

Infinite Scroll

Implement the smooth Infinite Scroll functionality, automatically loading more grid items as users scroll down the page. This seamless browsing experience keeps your visitors engaged and encourages them to explore more of your content with ease.

Numbered Pagination

Opt for the classic Numbered Pagination approach, providing users with clear navigation between multiple pages of grid content. This organized and accessible method allows visitors to quickly jump to specific pages, ensuring they find the content they’re looking for.

Front End Filering

Elevate your website’s user experience with GridBuilder X’s robust front-end filtering capabilities. Empower your visitors to effortlessly search, sort, and filter grid content based on categories, tags, or custom taxonomies, all within a seamless and intuitive interface. This dynamic filtering feature not only enhances user engagement but also ensures your audience can easily find and explore the content that resonates with them the most.


Enable users to quickly locate specific content with a responsive search field, making browsing your grid a breeze.

Taxonomy Select

Allow visitors to filter grid content based on taxonomy terms using an organized and straightforward dropdown menu.

Taxonomy Checkboxes / Radio

Offer a more granular filtering experience with checkboxes or radio buttons for taxonomy-based filtering.

Taxonomy Icon Checkboxes/Radio

Enhance user experience by incorporating visually appealing icons alongside taxonomy checkboxes or radio buttons.

Meta Select Dropdown

Provide an intuitive dropdown menu for filtering content based on metadata, such as dates or author information.

Meta Checkbox / Radio

Deliver a detailed filtering option with checkboxes or radio buttons for metadata-based filtering.

Meta Icon Checkboxes/Radio

Improve usability with eye-catching icons alongside metadata checkboxes or radio buttons.

Sort By

Empower users to easily sort grid content based on their preferences, ensuring a tailored browsing experience.

Slider / Range

Implement an interactive slider or range input for precise value-based filtering, perfect for narrowing down search results within a specific range.

Conditional Display

Conditional Display: Leverage the power of ACF conditions to dynamically show or hide specific fields within your grid layout. This feature ensures that only relevant content is displayed, based on the conditions you define, creating a tailored user experience.

On Hover Display

Introduce interactive elements to your grid with the On Hover Display feature, allowing you to show or hide certain content when users hover over each grid item. This engaging functionality adds depth to your grid design and encourages user interaction.

Query Builder

Unleash your website’s full potential with GridBuilder X’s advanced Query Builder feature. Effortlessly search and display content from various post types, taxonomy terms, or users within your grid layout. This powerful tool streamlines the content querying process, allowing you to create dynamic and engaging grid designs with ease.


Select and display content from various post types, and define the order in which they appear within your grid layout. This functionality ensures your grid showcases the most relevant content according to your preferences.

Tax Query

Utilize the Tax Query feature to easily filter and display grid content based on taxonomy terms, enabling you to create highly targeted and organized grid layouts that cater to specific user interests.

Meta Query

Take advantage of the Meta Query tool to search and showcase content based on metadata, such as custom fields, author information, or dates. This powerful feature allows for a more granular filtering experience, ensuring your grid displays the most pertinent content.

Date Query

Harness the Date Query function to display grid items based on specific date ranges or time periods, making it easy to showcase time-sensitive content or create event-driven grid layouts.


Employ the Offsetting feature to control the starting point of your grid content, enabling you to skip a certain number of posts and create unique grid designs that complement your website’s structure.

Schema Support

Enhance your website’s SEO and overall performance with GridBuilder X’s built-in Schema Support. This feature ensures your grid content is organized and structured in a way that search engines can easily understand and index. By implementing schema markup, you improve your site’s visibility and boost the likelihood of attracting a wider audience.


Utilize the headline schema to effectively communicate your grid content’s primary titles to search engines, improving the discoverability and relevance of your posts in search results.

Rating Field

Implement the rating schema to highlight user-generated ratings, product scores, or review stars, showcasing valuable insights and fostering trust among potential visitors in search engine results.


Leverage the image schema to ensure search engines properly recognize and display your grid’s visual content, enhancing the appearance of your posts in search results and boosting user engagement.


Flexibly add your own schema markup to cater to specific user intents or unique content types, providing search engines with additional context and ensuring your website stands out in search results.


GridBuilder X is designed to work in perfect harmony with popular platforms like Elementor, WooCommerce, and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), ensuring a smooth and cohesive design experience. Our commitment to continuous improvement and expansion means more integrations are on the way, with Pods and Meta Box already on our upcoming features list.

By choosing Grid Builder X, you’re investing in a powerful grid layout solution that not only delivers exceptional design capabilities but also seamlessly integrates with the tools you rely on, creating a truly unified and efficient website building experience.

And More..

Animation Composer

Design custom animations with Grid Builder X’s Animation Composer.

Responsive Grids

Harness the power of Elementor’s responsive controls to create stunning grid layouts that look great on any device.

Developer Friendly

GridBuilder X is built with developers in mind, offering a flexible and adaptable foundation for limitless customization.


Have a feature request or need assistance? Our dedicated support team is ready to help and eager to implement your ideas in future releases.

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